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Recommended for Psytrance, Goa or anything that requires a psychedelic edge. Psy Evolution Vol. 1 comes loaded with a total of 300 sound patches. More specifically, this kit contains 210 Thor patches, 16 Combinator Patches and 74 Kong Patches that deliver a combination of highly sought after and new original mind bending sounds that will help you achieve the psychedelic sound you are looking for. This ReFill also contains 3 reason song files that are intended for demonstration purposes.
On sale
$19 USD
With 511 Combinator patches(805 sounds total), useful for any type of music that needs to stand out on a creative scale, this ReFill combines Psycrafter Vol. 1, 2 and 3 into one ReFill. (Contains only instrument patches native to Reason 5 and lower.)
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